Product Information

P/Q-Calcium Channel Antibody (LEMS® Assay) - RIA


Radio Receptor Assay
for the quantitative determination of
autoantibodies against the
voltage-gated calcium-channel (VGCC) in serum or plasma. Purified calcium channels of P/Q-subtype, labelled with 125I-ω-Conotoxin MVIIC


25 Determinations
1 positive and 1 negative control


2 x 25 µl diluted (1:10) patient serum or plasma
1. incubation:    1 hour at room temperature
2. incubation:    1 hour at room temperature

Clinical Fields

Neurology, Immunology, Autoimmune Diseases


Lambert-Eaton Syndrome; differential diagnosis of myasthenic syndromes

Normal Value

Healthy donors <30 pmol/l (n=160); reference range up to 40 pmol/l


Samples of the following patient groups were measured:
SLE, Diabetes mellitus (IDDM), Graves' Disease, Hashimoto Thyreoiditis, Myasthenia gravis, Addisons' Disease and RA 

None of these samples showed positive values (100%).


50 patients with known Lambert-Eaton Syndrome - with and without small cell lung carcinoma - were measured. All samples showed concentrations above 40 pmol/l (100%).

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