Product Information

VGKC Antibody Assay - RIA


Radio Immuno Assay
for the determination of
autoantibodies to Voltage-Gated Potassium Channels (VGKC) in serum


25 Determinations
2 positive controls, 1 negative control


Sample: 2 x 5 µl patient serum
first incubation: Overnight (16-20 hours) at 2-8°C
second incubation: 1.5 hours at 20-25°C

Clinical Fields

Neurology, Immunology, Autoimmune Diseases


Voltage-Gated Potassium Channelopathies and related neurological disorders such as aquired neuromyotonia, crampfasciculation syndrome, Morvan syndrome, epilepsy, encephalitis

Normal Value

Negative < 72 pmol/L; Positive 72 pmol/L


Sera from 100 individual healthy blood donrs were assayed in the VGKC Ab RIA. 98 (98%) were identified as being negative for VGKC Ab.


Serum samples from 30 patients with suspected VGKC-pathies and related neurological disorders were assayed in the VGKC Ab RIA. 27 (90%) were positive for VGKC Ab.


Reliable and convenient method to measure specific VGKC Abs which are useful in the diagnosis and management of auto-immune Voltage-gated Potassium Channelopathies and related neurological disorders


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