Product Information

Acetylcholine Receptor Antibody (ACHRAB® Assay) - RIA


RA001/25 or RA105/100
Radio Receptor Assay
for the Determination of
Autoantibodies against the Acetylcholin Receptor


25 or 100 Determinations


sample: 5 µl patient serum
first incubation: 2 hours at room temperature
second incubation: 2 hours at 2 - 8°C

Clinical Fields

Neurology, Immunology, Autoimmune Diseases


Myasthenia gravis (ocular and generalized form)

Normal Value

Negative < 0.5nmol/L; Positive 0.5nmol/L


112 samples from healthy blood donors were assayed in the ACHRAB® Assay RIA. 110 (98%) were identified as being negative for AChR-Ab.


Samples from 53 patients diagnosed with myasthenia gravis were assayed in the ACHRAB® Assay RIA and all 53 were identified as being positive for AChR-Ab. In a larger series, K. Ohta et al. (2003) found 82% of 1740 patients with mysthenia gravis to be AChR-Ab positive using the ACHRAB® Assay RIA kit.