Product Information

Acetylcholine Receptor Antibody (ACHRAB® Assay) Fast - ELISA


Rapid Enzyme Immuno Assay
for the Quantitative Determination of
Acetylcholine Receptor Autoantibodies in Serum


12x8 Determinations,
12 breakapart strips, single break apart wells; coated with monoclonal antibody MAb1
4 Standards with range: 0.5 nmol/L - 20 nmol/L
2 positive controls, 1 negative control, ready for use
Foetal Type AChR, Adult Type AChR und AChR MAb 2 & 3 Biotin, lyophilized
Enzyme Conjugate concentrated; Wash buffer 10 x concentrated
All other reagents ready for use


Sample volume: 100 µl patient serum (no plasma)
1. Sample Preparation: 2 hours at room temperature
2. ELISA: 3 hours total incubation time at room temperature
Measurement in ELISA reader at 450 nm

Clinical Fields

Neurology, Immunology, Autoimmune Diseases


Myasthenia gravis

Normal Value

Negative < 0.45 nmol/L

Positive ≥ 0.45 nmol/L


Sera from 50 individual healthy blood donors were assayed in the Fast AChRAb ELISA. All 50 (100%) were identified as being negative for AChRAb.


Sera from 48 patients diagnosed with myasthenia gravis were assayed in the Fast AChRAb ELISA. 44 (92%) were identified as being positive for AChRAb.